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Baptismal Information and Application Form

The following applies to young children of Orthodox parents. Adults desiring to be received into the Church should contact the priest for more information.

What is Baptism?
Holy Baptism is one of the Church’s sacraments, in which a person is immersed in water three times in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through this immersion the person leaves behind his old carnal and sinful life, and is born into a new spiritual life. He becomes a member of Christ and His Church.

Who can be baptized?
Anyone who wishes to unite himself to Christ and has a firm belief in the saving power of the dogmas and practices of the Holy Orthodox Church may be baptized. Children are baptized with the understanding that their parents will educate them in the faith of the Church and will bring them to Church to receive Holy Communion on a regular basis. Parents and godparents are responsible for the religious upbringing of their children.

Who may be a godparent?
An Orthodox godparent (sponsor) of the same sex as the child being baptized and who is in good standing in the Church is required. One may also have a second godparent, of the opposite sex, who must also be an Orthodox Christian. Godparents take responsibility for the Christian education of their godchildren.

What must be brought to the baptism?
The following items must be brought to the baptism: a white baptismal dress or gown, a small baptismal cross on a ribbon or chain and a towel.

For further information or to arrange a baptism, please contact Fr. Dimitri at 415-533-4406 or FrDimitriJ@gmail.com.

Application Form (PDF)

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