St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Stratford, Connecticut
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR)
Baptism of Our Lord
Thursday, Jan. 18
(strict fast)
9:30 am:Royal Hours
6:30 pm:Vigil, Blessing of Water
Friday, Jan. 19
(no fast)
9:00 am:Hours, Confessions
9:30 am:Divine Liturgy
11:30 am:Blessing of Water
Крещение Господа нашего
Четверг, 18 Янв.
(строгий пост)
9:30 ч утра:Царские Часы
6:30 ч веч:Всенощная, Водоосвящение
Пятница, 19 Янв.
(поста нет)
9:00 ч утра:Часы, исповедь
9:30 ч утра:Божественная Литургия
11:30 ч утра:Водоосвящение

Please join us on Sunday, Jan. 21, for our annual Pelmeni Dinner and Yolka (Children's Christmas party).


Latest Announcements
Friday, January 12, 2018 (Dec. 30 on Church calendar)

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As we continue to celebrate the Nativity of Christ, there are no fast days until the Eve of Theophany (Jan. 18), which is a strict fast day. There is no fast on Theophany itself (Jan. 19).

Starting with the Great Feast of Theophany, the house-blessing season begins. If you want your house blessed with holy water and have not already made arrangements, contact Fr. George Lardas (

1 Honeyspot Road
Stratford, CT 06614
Phone: 203-209-9374

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