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Monthly Calendar
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Regular Weekend
Saturday at 5:00 pm: All-night Vigil
Sunday at 9:10 am: Divine Liturgy

Confessions are normally heard during the Saturday Vigil service, beginning at 4:30 pm—and on Sunday, starting at 8:30 am, before the Liturgy. (You can also contact the priest to make an appointment.)


Baptisms must be scheduled in advance.

Calendar Notes

For visitors, it might be strange to see some church events listed with two dates (for example, "Dec. 25/Jan. 7"). This is done because the Russian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar for religious purposes. It is slightly different from the Gregorian calendar, which most of the world uses for business, school, and other civil purposes. These two calendars are historically related, and they have the same arrangement of days, weeks, and months. However, the Julian calendar is presently thirteen days behind the Gregorian calendar. For example, some people think that Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7, and by the Gregorian measurement, that would be correct. But by the Church calendar, the Julian calendar, that same day is actually called December 25 (a thirteen-day difference).